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How to Keep Winter Pests Out Naturally

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As the weather gets colder, you may find some unwanted house guests trying to take advantage of your central heating. Follow our natural tips for keeping your house pest-free this winter.

How To Deter Winter Pests Without Chemicals

Ants try to come indoors when the weather changes, especially if a scout finds food. The first step is to remove whatever is attracts them, be it food or water. Next, you can follow the trail of ants back to where they're entering the house and try putting down a line of cinnamon, cayenne pepper, citrus oil or lemon juice, all of which repel ants.

Dust mites can be a problem any time of year, but particularly when heaters are blowing. Put a filter on your heater's intake that can trap particles smaller than 10 microns and avoid using humidifiers, as dust mites love warm, wet areas.

Roaches are naturally repelled by catnip. You can simmer catnip in water to create a catnip tea which you can then use as a spray around affected areas. Also keep a spray bottle of soapy water on hand, which will kill roaches just as dead as the nasty chemical sprays will.

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Spiders, which also sometimes come indoors to escape the cold, don't like citrus. Using lemon juice as a cleaning solution or spray citrus oil around your home to deter them.

Mice can also be a problem in cold weather. The best defense is a good offense with mice. Seek out and seal any cracks or holes in your walls, roof, and foundation to eliminate entryways for critters. If you live in an area where owls are common, providing an owl box can encourage them to nest nearby and keep your mouse population well under control.

Bonus tip! Diatomaceous earth is a good natural remedy for many pests including ants, roaches, bedbugs and fleas. And boric acid mixed with sugar water (and kept well out of the reach of pets and children) will also kill ants and roaches naturally.

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