How to Cleanse and Energize Your Home With Crystals

Is it time to clear that heavy energy in your home?

How to Cleanse and Energize Your Home With Crystals

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Crystals are not only gorgeous, but they’re also believed by many to contain a pure and powerful energy that’s able to cleanse and change energy, including the energy within your home.

“The energy of your home can shift over time,” says Heather Askinosie, holistic healer, co-founder of Energy Muse and co-author of Crystal Muse. “If you have ever been in a space that was completely clean and well lit, but somehow just felt heavy, or uncomfortable, then you can understand how a home’s energy is dictated by more than mere cleanliness.”

According to Askinosie, that “heavy” energy has a lot to do with the energy of life that has been expelled in a space — like arguments, breakups, stress, grief, and even parties — but which hasn’t been cleared away.

If you want to make your home an energetically positive space in which to live, follow Askinosie’s tips on how to cleanse and create amazing energy within it.

What You Need to Cleanse

“Just as with physically cleaning your house, there are many different ways to cleanse your home’s energy,” Askinosie tells us.

Among her top recommendations is sage. “It’s such a powerful purifier. Ancient civilizations from all over the world used sage to cleanse the energy of their space and spirit,” she says. “This practice, called smudging, is a great way to purify your energy because it forces you to tap into the moment.”

Askinosie also recommends two crystals for cleansing: selenite and black tourmaline. “Selenite is like liquid light. It has this energy that just seems to flow through the spirit and wash away the darkness. I hold onto selenite when I need to break myself out of a funk, and uplift the entire spirit,” she says. “Black tourmaline is a stone I use for cleansing because it also lends an extra layer of protection. So not only does black tourmaline help to absorb your negative energy, it also shields your energy field from taking on more.”

Image via Energy Muse
Image via Energy Muse
Image via Energy Muse
Image via Energy Muse

As for how regularly you should cleanse your home, Askinosie says she cleanses her home fairly often.

“But it’s really up to your individual preferences. The rule of thumb is that you always want to cleanse the energy of your home after parties, arguments, a sickness, breakups, working out or any instances where a lot of energy has been released into the home. This keeps that energy from settling into the space.”

She adds, “If you’re not smudging or getting rid of negative vibes with high vibe crystals for your home, your space will start to feel dirty even when it’s clean.”

How to Cleanse a New Home

Cleansing is necessary for not only the home in which you already live but also for a newly purchased house.

“Cleansing is a bit more intense when you first move into a space, because you really want to make sure that the last resident’s energy completely removed so that you can start fresh in your new home,” Askinosie says.

For a new home, she recommends placing containers of salt water in all corners of each room. Then open all the windows and pull back the curtains to let light stream into the home.

“The salt will absorb the negative energy in the space,” she says. “You’ll want to light a stick of sage and walk throughout your entire home, making sure to direct the smoke into all those easy-to-miss areas like closets, window sills, and corners. As you do this, keep your intention of cleansing the space with love and light in mind. Then pour your containers of salt and water into the toilet and flush.”

How to Create Awesome Energy

Now that you’ve cleansed, it’s time to create those “feel good” vibes. Askinosie recommends doing so by setting an intention with crystals.

“[Crystals] allow you to have a physical reminder of the positive changes you’re working on in life,” she says. “When you get sidetracked from your goals, your crystal will hold the energy of your intention, and provide a physical touchstone that you can hold to get back in tune with those ambitions.”

Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, accept more love from yourself, or pursue your passion in life, Askinosie says there is a crystal with an energy suited to help you with your goal.

“You can also use crystals to shift the energy of your space. If your space is feeling dark and dense, add the high-vibrational energy of selenite. Are you looking for more love in the bedroom? Add some rose quartz.”

Askinosie’s three must-have crystals that she recommends incorporating into your home design are amethyst, rose quartz, and selenite. “These are unique accents that will add a soft, inviting energy to your interior,” she says.

Image via Energy Muse
Image via Energy Muse

“An amethyst in the home acts like an energetic air purifier,” Askinosie says. “It cleanses away any negativity that may be hanging around, and makes sure that your space carries an atmosphere of positivity where others will feel at home. You can really have amethyst in any room of your home!”

Image via Energy Muse
Image via Energy Muse

Rose quartz is great for the bedroom because it has a very easy, loving energy that’s wonderful to relax into when you’re ready to recharge after a long day. Place two pieces of rose quartz on your bedside table to bring more love into the room.”

Image via Energy Muse
Image via Energy Muse

Selenite is an ideal crystal for the home because it’s white, so it matches most aesthetics. Put it anywhere in your place that you’d like to infuse with bright, soothing, uplifting energy. We love to place it on all our windowsills.”

The Takeaway

Like anything, holding an intention — whether while cleansing or creating energy — is what will ultimately benefit your experience. Additionally, Askinosie says that trusting yourself will also positively impact your new ritual.

“The more you question yourself and whether or not you’re doing it ‘right,’ the less you’ll learn from the actual experience,” she says. “Let your mind concentrate fully on the intention of cleansing your spirit.”

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