5 Easy Flowers to Plant for Colorful Late Summer Blossoms


The heat of summer brings on beautiful flowers and blossoms for our eyes to feast on. However, by the end of the season most of these brilliant colors fade away as autumn begins to set in. Luckily, we’ve got a solution that will keep your flower beds vibrant as the seasons change. Plant these 5 flowers now to keep your garden colorful through August and September with late summer blossoms.

1. Aster

This perennial produces a gorgeous flower that ranges in color from salmon pink to lavender blue and can grow up to 2-6 feet tall depending on the variety. Asters are hardy flowers that can take colder climates, but make sure to choose a variety that suits your environment if you live in an area with longer winters. Make sure to give them plenty of water and plant them in a spot with morning shade if you are planting in the heat of early summer.

2. Coreopsis

Coreopsis flowers usually grow in clumps, producing stunning bright red to yellow blossoms that love the sun. It grows best in climates from zone 3-9, and will usually bloom until late August. Fun fact: Coreopsis is also a source of plant-based dyes and can be used to create a bright yellow dye for fabrics or yarns.


3. Impatiens

Impatiens come in a variety of colors, the most common being white and pink. These small border or ground cover plants are great along the sides of pathways or to add some color and foliage to a bare area in your garden. Impatiens prefer partial shade, and will actually bloom until the first frost! Make sure to give them plenty of water though.


4. Sunflower

It is definitely not too late to add these amazing and gorgeous giants to your garden beds! If your last frost is long gone, feel free to sow the seeds directly into the ground, and make sure to water daily. These flowers prefer full sun (obviously), and can grown between 4 and 20 feet tall.

5. Zinnia

Zinnias are fast growers, and can bloom within a month of sowing if planted in warm soil. The blossoms are radiantly colorful, ranging from bright red to pink, yellow, purple, and even white. Plant them in full sun and make sure to keep them moist around the roots. Plant zinnias where splashes of late season color are needed!

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