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When in 2020 companies told employees to work from home, some fearless dreamers chose to turn this into an opportunity to pivot away from the cubicle lifestyle. They ditched their power suits and packed bikinis and sarongs for long-stay work away programs offered by luxury hotels around the globe – working, it seems, is a bit more palatable in paradise.


Along Mexico's Riviera Maya, Palmaïa - The House of AÏA leveled up on the concept by combining it with total mind, body, and spiritual transformation. A sustainable luxury all-suite wellness resort, Palmaïa redefines working from home. 

Your new abode is a private beachfront suite nestled between lush jungle and a white sand beach, at an all-inclusive secluded sanctuary with your very own 24-hour on-call Nomadic Guide (a.k.a. butler) catering to your every need.  

Palmaïa 's Wellness Work-Away Package empowers boss babes to walk the path of transformation towards a more holistic and creative expression of traditionally defined work. The tech details of the package are solid, including lightning-fast fiber-optic Wi-Fi (though you can also opt for low-EMF-frequency suites), free IT assistance, and a reassuring 10-minute bike ride to the nearest Apple Store.

The Atlas Bar, a community oasis, is a beach-chic interpretation of a co-working space with infinity ocean views through floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Here, you slay power meetings and do your best brainstorming in-between fresh juices and ocean dips while networking with other like-minded souls. 

LEK Fruit of the Earth

Keep your vibes high with a ceremonial spa treatment at the Atlantis Spa in the lush Mayan jungle with a private sacred cenote. Book a traditional purifying Temescal. Or simply breathe and reconnect to your heart's wisdom in gorgeous meditation spaces.


You'll meet Balder, your resident healer who personally designs your path through Palmaïa’s Architects of Life program unlocking the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual interior doors to conscious living. Monday to Friday becomes a joyous blend of spiritual wisdom, ocean swims, power zoom calls, beachside lunches, and cacao ceremonies. All before your 3 pm client call. 

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The Architects of Life program offers a multitude of modalities designed for healing to expand awareness. Meditation, gravity control, Vipassana, Pranayama, Tai Chi, Sungazing, Mandalas, Transpersonal Astrology, and Ashtanga Yoga are just a few of the practices Balder has up his sleeve for transformation. Each path effortlessly combining ancient mysticism with modern needs. 

Eolo Beach Club

Since you can't invent or disrupt industries on an empty stomach, Palmaïa nourishes your body at the cellular level. And nutrition is just one of the core principles of Executive Chef Eugenio’s worship-worthy plant-based cuisine. Consciously prepared and yes, even prayed over, this food conveys life-giving energy infused with secret spices from Chef's personal greenhouse. Dine in your private beach cabana, poolside, or at one of Palmaïa’s elegant onsite restaurants.  


Su Casa is perfect for a sun-drenched beachside breakfast or lunch where you are warmly greeted and welcomed home. For elegant evening dining, LEK is a fabulous fusion of small-town culinary wisdom and artistic mastery, while Asian Ume delights your senses with a fragrant and exotic menu. For casual eats, swing by El Caminante for elevated local street food. 

Get social at the Eolo Beach club for sundowner cocktails or something from the vegan juice bar, where talented mixologists and resident DJs show off their prowess. Dance the night away barefoot in the sand, drink in hand, to nightly musical jungle beats. 

And if you have them, bring the kids. Paralleling Palmaïa's Architects for Life program is Awen, a Waldorf-inspired children’s program that "awakens the children’s kingdom". Programming is so nurturing, playful, and fun that even adults drop to connect with their inner child and explore the natural world through their senses. 


However many months you stay at Palmaïa for its Wellness Workaway Program, the intent is nothing less than total transformation. For Alexander Ferri, creator of The House of AïA hotel brand, “it's through inner exploration, questioning preconceptions, challenging established paradigms, and being brave enough to walk alone that we have the ability to change the world." 

This new paradigm of loving life into a creative, abundant, and holistic lifestyle based on success and our connection to the Earth opens our minds and hearts to new choices about who we are in the world and how we live in it. The spirit of wellness at Palmaïa first flows from AÏA, our direct connection to nature as a mirror to our true inner selves. Bonding with this connection is how the Wellness Work Away package transforms what was previously work into a creative act. It seamlessly blends success, love, and personal transformation. 

At Palmaïa, you're invited to release the fabricated pressures of the modern world to create a new paradigm where you don't work to live. Instead, you live to love who you are. 

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