Stunning (Yet Cheap) DIY Bookshelves for Book Lovers

Very cool and affordable, DIY book shelves you can make.

Even with the advent of the Kindle, Nook, and iPad book lovers everywhere are still adding books to their collections and have a need for DIY bookshelves.

For some of us, even if we recognize the convenience and prevalence of e-readers, we prefer to hold books in our hands, to be able to pass them around to friends, and more importantly, we want (ahem, need) to hoard them until the end of time.

Our current home has a couple of large built-in bookcases, however, we have outgrown them. I’ve been putting off adding more bookshelves to the house, but the ever-growing stacks of books on side tables, bedside tables, my desk, and even the floor has gotten a little out of hand. It is time to add some more bookshelves, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money. DIY to the rescue!

Whether you are a collector of rare editions, or just like to keep your books around you because they are your friends, here are some very cool, and very affordable, DIY bookcase ideas.

DIY Bookshelves & Cases

Very cool and affordable, DIY book shelves you can make.


CinderBlock Bookshelves – For those without handy building skills there is nothing easier than making a cinder block and wooden plank bookcase. While you may think this is more appropriate for a college dorm, it’s possible to make this more rustic chic by staining your wood a dark stain and using a cinder blocks with decorative finishes, different styles of blocks, and by painting them.

Very cool and affordable, DIY book shelves you can make.

Image: inspiritdeco

Industrial Pipe Bookcase – If you like a more industrial look, consider making bookshelves with industrial pipes. You can choose to make a freestanding unit or affix it to your walls as a more permanent solution. Here is a tutorial for a full height version that is meant to be attached to the walls. It’s definitely more complicated than the concrete block bookcase, but still doable for most handy peeps.

Hanging Rope Bookshelves – Using wood and rope, you can create unique and very cool hanging bookshelves. While this project looks fairly simple (even for the non-handy), I don’t know that I would put my heaviest books on this type of shelf. It might be perfect for all those small paperbacks though.

Plywood Bookcase – Now plywood isn’t necessarily a high end material, but with a little love (and a dremel) it can be made to look much more expensive than it is. This tutorial for a bookcase with varying shelf heights illustrates that point. It would be perfect for storing books of different heights–from coffee table collectible books to paperbacks!

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