The Organic Authority Approved Manifesto

The Organic Authority Approved Seal — a rigorous evaluation and approval program that takes on the challenge of researching, experiencing, and recommending products that meets ours and our audience’s values.  What it means and why we’re taking a stand. 

What it means and why we’re taking a stand. 

Like you, we at Organic Authority have often found the world of Wellness to be a sea of claims and games. So, how do you find the good guys — the honest brands whose offerings deserve your attention and a place in your wellness routine?

Introducing the Organic Authority Approved Seal — a rigorous evaluation and approval program that takes on the challenge of researching, experiencing, and recommending only those products and brands that truly deliver in terms of their ethos and efficacy.

Image of a white background with a seal that's outlined in orange with orange letters that read "Organic Authority Approved Product" with the OA script logo.

Every product that we feature on Organic Authority and in our store has earned the Organic Authority Approved Seal.

We’ve established a set of standards that our editors and industry experts use to review products that receive coverage and are included in the Organic Authority store. The result is a best-in-class curation of hero wellness tools, to help you LIVE YOUR TRUE YOU. 


Each product must meet or exceed our standards when it comes to Clean Ingredients, Transparent Supply Chain, Sustainability, Socially Responsibility, and Efficacy. Throughout this discovery process, we scrutinize the company’s claims and examine their practices and history. The quality of a product or food item is only as good as its source — so, where did it come from? Where and how are the ingredients or materials sourced? Is it made with junk ingredients grown in nutritionally deficient, contaminated soil? Where does the clever marketing end and the real story begin? We find out.


Our editors and experts are meticulous when vetting products for coverage and in our store — they test and personally experience everything. We do the work to ensure you’re presented with only the best of class options for your wellness needs.

Not everything has to be certified organic to be clean and thoughtfully grown — we get it, being “certified organic” comes with a high price tag and a lot of hoops. But there are other considerations to keep in mind —are the brands practicing regenerative agriculture to help alleviate climate change? Are they socially responsible and conscientious about the life cycle of their products? What is their impact on human health? Does the product actually deliver on its promise? Does the company have a transparent, sustainable supply chain?


Every product reviewed, covered, or even considered for our store undergoes this experiential process. The result is a selective and curated collection of products that we can wholeheartedly champion.

And, yes, we admit it, many come with a higher price tag. That’s because these products are made with higher quality ingredients and deliver higher value. We would rather see you buy less products (which has less of an impact on the Earth) and invest in higher quality products that innately have more efficacy, than stocking your shelves with cheap, low quality products that have little to no efficacy and carry a higher footprint.

When a product is Organic Authority Approved it’s not just a wiser purchase, it’s a philosophical statement — you’re leveraging your purchasing power as part of a global movement for a better, healthier, more sustainable and equitable world — for everyone.

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