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4 Post-Thanksgiving Healthy Salad Recipes for Meatless Monday

healthy salad recipes - pumpkin salad


With the Thanksgiving meal under your belt -- literally -- you might be ready to turn to something a bit lighter for Meatless Monday. Each of these healthy salad recipes offers a variety of nutrients and bright flavors to cleanse your palate. Filled with freshness and crunch; these recipes are the perfect antidote to the heavier dishes of the season.

Start things off with a seasonal pumpkin salad. Roasted pumpkin is seasoned with just a touch of cinnamon and then served on top of a base of baby spinach. Pepitas add a touch of crunch, while dried cranberries and a maple vinaigrette lend sweetness. Tangy crumbled feta is the perfect finishing touch to bring all of these flavors together with a bit of creaminess.

Quinoa salad with fresh figs, asparagus, and mint

Healthy Salad Image from Shutterstock

Quinoa makes a great base for a meal salad; in the case of this recipe, however, it's just the start. A unique combination of blanched asparagus, walnuts, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and figs are married in this salad, which is then seasoned with capers, shallots, fresh parsley, fresh mint, and lemon juice. It's one of our favorite healthy salad recipes thanks to the wide variety of ingredients -- it's positively chock-a-block with flavor.

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healthy salad recipes - kale salad

Image via Minimalist Baker

This kale salad recipe is super bright and fresh thanks to a lemony tahini dressing, balanced with just a hint of maple syrup. This creamy mixture coats the kale as well as some lemony white beans, which add protein to the salad as well as a bit of contrasting texture to the leafy greens. Garlic croutons are an optional finishing touch to this hearty salad.

A Raw Brussels Sprouts Salad with Pomegranate

Image via Emily Monaco

Serving Brussels sprouts raw brings out their natural sweetness and nuttiness. In this salad, the baby cabbages are sliced very thin and tossed with rings of sliced shallot and fresh pomegranate seeds. A simple vinaigrette is all you need to bring these flavors together. This salad is even better when it sits for a few minutes before being served.

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