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4 Tropical Fruit Recipes to Bring Paradise into Your Meatless Monday Kitchen

tropical fruit


Fruit is fantastic at brightening up any dish, and now that winter has firmly settled upon our farmers markets, we're looking to tropical fruit for a bit of color, freshness, and flair. These four recipes couldn't be more different from one another, but each of them will lend a hint of sweetness to your Meatless Monday table.

Hawaiian pizza is usually a no-no for Meatless Monday: not only does it include ham, but all that cheese isn't great either if you're aiming for a more plant-based lifestyle. That's why we love this vegan Hawaiian pizza, made with a homemade tomato sauce spiked with chile, homemade tofu ham seasoned with soy sauce, maple syrup, and smoked paprika, vegan mozzarella, and, of course, pineapple. Use a good-quality jarred pineapple or simply chop up a fresh organic one to use on this pizza, which effortlessly combines savory and sweet.

tropical fruit


Mango and avocado are two kinds of tropical fruit that play fantastically well together. The creaminess of the avocado and the tenderness of the mango are met with a nice bit of crunch thanks to the almonds in this salad, which also bring some protein and omega-6 fatty acids. A bit of red onion and arugula for some piquant, peppery flavor and a light Champagne vinaigrette bring this salad together nicely.

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tropical fruit - mango balls

Image care of Minimalist Baker

For a quick snack or breakfast on the run, we love these mango energy bites. Made with just six ingredients, these energy bites are super filling and flavorful. Raw walnuts and cashews fill these bites with protein, and the hemp seeds bring omega-3 fatty acids. Mango and dates add sweetness and vitamins, and shredded coconut lends a bit more tropical fruit flair. Make a big batch so that you can keep them on-hand and snack on them throughout the day as needed.

tropical fruit

Image care of Jules

This gratin mixes the best of warming winter bakes and the tropical fruit flavors of the islands. Bright orange sweet potatoes meet hot chile, coconut milk, nutty almond butter, and just the right amount of almond milk for a sweet-and-savory casserole that's just as at home on a holiday spread as on your everyday Meatless Monday table.

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