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5 Ways to Keep Beverages Cold Without Watering Them Down

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Ice is a wonderful complement to many beverages, but certainly not for all drinks we prefer to consume cold. What about a white wine you forgot to refrigerate? Or a beer that has been sitting out too long? How about a coffee you want iced but not diluted? The following clever alternatives to ice will help keep your beverage cool without watering it down or ruining its style.

1. Stainless Steel Cubes

Pucs Beverage Stones gathered $80,000 on Kickstarter, well beyond its goal of $2,500, and for good reason! These "ice cubes" are made of stainless steel and stored in the freezer in a maple or walnut storage case. They deliver a chill without the extra water, making them perfect for liquor drinks.

2. Floating Cup

Whenever you have a pitcher of beer, juice, or iced tea approaching room temperature, fill a plastic cup about three-fourths full with ice and float it in the pitcher. The ice will cool down the drink without giving leaching water, keeping the beverages' flavors intact.

3. Frozen Grapes

This one goes for white wine as well as for other fruit drinks. Always keep a baggie of grapes in the freezer. That way, when a wine needs to be cooled down but you don't have enough time or patience to pop it in the fridge and wait, just add a few frozen grapes. The grapes add both a chic look to the white wine and the perfect amount of coolness.

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4. Coffee Ice Cubes

Yes, this tip will make your iced coffee experience all the more delightful. Fill an ice cube tray with room temperature coffee and freeze. Then, when you want to turn your daily pick-me-up to something on the cooler side, just add ice cubes that will essentially melt as coffee. This will avoid diluting your caffeine fix.

5. Frozen Cups

This works well for wine and cocktails and also offers a touch of sophistication. Before serving beverages at a party or get-together, place wine glasses and regular glasses into the freezer. They will develop a cold, misty appearance, cooling both the drink on contact and the lips with each sip. 

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