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7 Cold Soup Recipes That Will Rock Your Summer

cold soup recipe

Summer is the season to pull out these delicious cold soup recipes. When it’s too hot to turn on your oven and you’re craving nothing but in-season tomatoes, watermelon gazpacho is the way to go. But there are so many other ways to use in-season fruits and vegetables this summer beyond the classic Spanish cold tomato soup.

A small portion of blended veggies might not feel hearty enough so make sure to serve these with a large hunk of fresh bread.

cucumber dill soup

Image: "Cold Summer Soup" from Shutterstock. 

1. Cucumber Yogurt Soup with Dill

If you’ve ever been at an Indian feast and felt like you wanted to drink the raita, then this soup is for you. Cucumber and yogurt are the main stars of this no-cook creamy soup and dill adds an unspeakably refreshing earthiness.

korean cold noodles

Image: "Korean Cold Noodles" from Shutterstock.

2.Korean Buckwheat Noodle Soup (Mul-Naengmyun)

This refreshing soup is literally ice cold. The traditional broth is made from beef brisket and chilled buckwheat noodles are added to serve. Sliced daikon radish adds crunch and vinegar and mustard are added tableside for flavor.

3. Honeydew and Mint Soup 

Utilize the abundance of fresh mint in the summertime and blend it with the natural sweetness of honeydew for a cold soup that tastes too good to be true.

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yellow tomato gazpacho

Image: "Yellow Tomato Gazpacho" by Ally-Jane.

4. Yellow Tomato Gazpacho

This classic gazpacho utilizes summer’s sungold yellow tomatoes. A little red wine vinegar adds a zing that makes it extra refreshing.

5. Watermelon Gazpacho

Of course, tomato and cucumber gazpacho is delicious. But with giant watermelons filling up the farmers markets it would be criminal not to add a sweet shot to your gazpacho


Image: "Salmorejo" from Shutterstock.


Spaniards are masters of the cold tomato soup. Traditional gazpacho is beyond delicious but try this tomato-based soup with hardboiled eggs and smoked ham. One sip will transport you to a Madrid cafe.

7.Avocado and Pea Soup

Avocado makes an ideal soup candidate because of its natural creaminess. Add some fresh summer peas and delight in their startling sweet flavor. Make sure to chill for at least two hours before serving.

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