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8 Must-Try Eggs Benedict Recipes...Don't Worry, Hollandaise Sauce Abounds!

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9 Egg-Centric Brunch Ideas: Egg Recipes that Will Keep You Nestled in the Weekend Nest

Topped with creamy, rich Hollandaise sauce and served with poached eggs and pork over crunch-soft English muffins, Eggs Benedict is a perennial breakfast favorite. Supposedly invented in New York City’s Waldorf Hotel in 1894, this classic morning meal has many variations that are popular in different parts of the world. Eggs Florentine substitutes fresh spinach for the sliced ham and Eggs Chesapeake uses a fried crab cake. In the UK, Canada and Australia, you’ll run into Eggs Atlantic, which features fresh smoked salmon. But why not try a brand new twist on this traditional dish? Sample from eight new varieties of Eggs Benedict recipes and find your favorite.

Eggs Benedict Recipes

1. Brioche & Arugula Benedict – Inspired by Los Angeles’ LAMILL coffee shop in Silver Lake, this version of Eggs Benny replaces the standard English muffin with brioche, a fabulous pastry-like bread with a very high content of egg and butter. Toast your slices of brioche, and top with a handful of wild arugula before adding thinly sliced ham, soft poached eggs and fresh Hollandaise sauce. Top with a sprinkle of red paprika.

2. Portobello BenedictVegetarians will appreciate this meat-free dish, which substitutes sautéed slices of Portobello mushroom for the meat. Use a whole-wheat English muffin, and keep the soft poached egg and Hollandaise sauce.

3. Fresh Crab Benedict – Hollandaise goes well with any kind of shellfish, and savoring fresh crab for breakfast or brunch is a luxurious treat. Start with toasted slices of French bread, add a few slices of avocado and then a dollop of freshly prepared Dungeness crab. Next, layer your poached egg and Hollandaise on top, sprinkle with sliced green onions and garnish with a slice of lemon.

4. Texas Benedict – Also called Farmer’s Benedict, this meal makes use of pork fat’s fantastic flavors. Start with a fresh biscuit and top it with a few slices of crisp bacon and your poached egg. Instead of Hollandaise sauce, use gravy made from the bacon fat. For a healthier version, remove half the bacon fat and substitute with vegetable oil before making your gravy.

5. English Eggs Benedict – The Brits love to eat roasted mushrooms and tomatoes with their breakfast, and this version uses both. Top your toasted English muffin with roasted tomatoes, and then add the poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce. Top with sliced, sautéed mushroom and serve with hash browns on the side.

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6. Huevos Benedictos – Enjoy the spicy flavors of Mexican cuisine in the morning with this tasty version, which uses chorizo for the meat. Cover your poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce and freshly prepared salsa, then sprinkle chopped avocado and cilantro over everything.

7. Waffles Benedict – Embrace the savory side of homemade waffles with this breakfast dish, which uses crisp waffles as the base. Top with sliced Canadian bacon, poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce.

8. Green Eggs Benedict – Dr. Seuss would approve of this healthy meal. Start with a piece of toasted whole grain bread, and spread the top with mashed avocado. Add your poached egg – or egg whites – and sprinkle with fresh dill. The creamy avocado makes this version of Eggs Benedict the healthiest choice on this page.

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