10 Beer Cocktail Recipes for Summer

beer cocktail

A beer cocktail is the perfect summer party drink, especially if you’re a guest. Start with a light beer, add juices and spices and serve. It’s really that easy.

Beer is already refreshing on a hot summer day but kick things up a notch with some hot sauce and lime for a classic Mexican michelada. Start with a can or bottle of light beer and add one of these simple combinations of fresh fruits, herbs and liquors. Even if you feel inspired by the Beastie Boys song, we don’t recommend actually making a “Brass Monkey” which consists of malt liquor and orange juice.

10 Beer Cocktail Recipes for Summer 

1. The Honey Basil Julep 

Bison Brewing makes some truly delicious organic beer. This stunner uses the brand’s Organic Honey Basil blend for a riff on the classic summer julep of mint, sugar and crushed ice.

2. Peach Lambic and Rye Sangria

This genius pairing takes an already peachy Belgian Lambic beer and enhanced it with fresh peaches and smoky rye whiskey. Serve this at your summer barbecue as it makes an excellent compliment to smoked meat.

3. Strawberry Beer-mosas

Start with a white IPA or citrusy beer like Blue Moon for this sweet cocktail with orange juice and fresh strawberries. Perfect for a light summer brunch cocktail.

4. Raspberry Beer Cocktail

Add pink lemonade (usually made with raspberries), fresh berries and lime juice to a very light beer.

5. Southern Shandy 

Mixing beer and lemonade together is an age-old favorite but add peach brandy for a very Southern twist. One sip and you’ll be transported to a grand home in Georgia with a wrap-around porch.

6. The Mad Botanist 

Another gorgeous beet cocktail from Bison Brewing uses its botanical brew, “Saison de Wench,” with a rose simple syrup, lemon juice, and herbal gin.

7. The Porcupine

Use a sturdy pale ale like Sierra Nevada for this pineapple and rosemary cocktail. Add pretty spears of pineapple to each drink for extra appeal.

8. The Michelada

This classic Mexican beer cocktail is spicy and refreshing. You really can’t go wrong with an ice cold Modelo, lime and hot sauce.

9. Watermelon Lemonade Beer Cocktail

Take advantage of watermelon season by adding the juice of one small watermelon to a pitcher with some lemonade and four Coronas.

10.Aperol Mist 

The Italian purists might take issue with adding precious Aperol to anything other than sparkling water or wine. However, after a sip of the Aperol Mist, a blend of Aperol and Belgian wheat beer all will be forgiven. Don’t forget the lemon twist! Or try an orange?

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