Celebrate the 21st Amendment with these 5 Winter Cocktails

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Here's a little bar room triva for you: Do you know what the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is?

Answer: It's the one that repealed Prohibition (the 18th Amendment), and it was ratified on December 5, 1933. Now, December 5 is known as Repeal Day (to those who compile those calendars of weird holidays) and it's an excellent excuse to imbibe—and maybe pour one out for your Prohibition-era homies. 

Need some suggestions? We've rounded up recipes for five excellent winter cocktails that will make this Repeal Day one to remember.

  1. Winter Thyme and Key Lime Cocktail by Sweet Paul Magazine
    Combine a thyme and lime symple syrup with gin, St. Germain and club soda for this bright and sparkly winter drink that will remind you of summer days.
  2. Winter Solstice Cocktail from Martha Stewart
    Completely crisp and clear, like a perfect winter day, this orange-flavored cocktail will surprise sippers. 
  3. Winter Sun Cocktail from Two Tarts
    These Colorado girls know how to warm up your heart in the winter: with clementine juice, vodka, triple sec, and a spike of rosemary to keep you guesing.
  4. Hot Toddy from FitSugar
    Try this classic hot toddy with honey, lemon, cinnamon... and a shot of brandy. For medicinal purposes.
  5. Classic Eggnog from CHOW
    The best eggnog doesn't come from your grocers refrigerator section... and it does contain bourbon, brandy, and rum. How's that for some grog in your nog?

None of these striking your speakeasy fantasies? Why not try some herb-infused cocktails, one of these sweet and tart apple cocktails, or a darkly delicious blood orange cocktail? Any of these will keep your winter gatherings both merry and bright.

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