9 Mouthwatering Grain-Free and Dairy-Free Desserts

blueberry pie

With Thanksgiving and then the winter holiday season fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about those celebratory desserts. How can you wow your guests and also make it totally worth it to go off your diet and indulge your sweet tooth? The answer is with grain-free and dairy-free desserts.

Beyond just watching how much sugar we consume, desserts can be a problem for some of us. For those who eat a grain (not just gluten-free, but all grains–even rice, quinoa and oatmeal) and/or dairy free diet, desserts can be problematic and often seem like the options are slim. That couldn’t be further from the truth though; you just need to shift your perspective a little. Sure, that big old hunk of classic chocolate cake might no longer be an option, but there are still many delectable options for grain and dairy-free desserts.

Whether you are trying to accommodate the dietary restrictions of your guests or you are looking for grain and dairy-free desserts for your own household, here are some delicious alternatives that will be sure to satisfy the sweet tooth of everyone.

These desserts can both satisfy vegetarians and those following the Paleo diet, as well as those who are lactose-intolerant and those with Celiac disease.

9 Grain & Dairy Free Desserts

  1. Raw Blueberry Cheesecake – Cashews give this cheesecake it’s creamy texture and the crust is made from coconut and almonds.
  2. Apple Crisp – Everyone loves a comforting apple crisp, it’s like deconstructed apple pie. This version uses coconut and nuts for the topping.
  3. Chocolate Macaroon Pie – You can see a theme here, coconut is utilized a lot in grain and and dairy-free baking. This is a great recipe for chocolate lovers.
  4. Pumpkin Custard Bars – These bars about as close as you get to making pumpkin pie with the use of dairy and grains.
  5. Pumpkin Spice Donuts – Yes, donuts are a great dessert–they go great with coffee. This version is decadent with the use of grain or dairy products.
  6. Apple Butter Cake – This cake uses coconut and almond flour for the cake and maple syrup for a sweet glaze.
  7. Spiced Molasses Cookies – And for the cookie monsters, these molasses cookies are made with almond flour.
  8. Carrot Cake Cupcakes – This versatile and simple recipe uses chestnut flour.
  9. Chocolate Cake – Sub out coconut oil for the butter in this recipe for a dairy-free version.

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