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Early Branch Peach Apricot Pesto Pasta - Episode 87

I made this pasta after an 8-day road trip from Los Angeles to South Carolina with my mother. Our mission, to deliver a dog, Phoebe, and a truck to Early Branch, SC. What a fabulous trip! We traveled through 10 states over nine days. My mother is very sensitive to processed foods, additives and preservatives. Really, her body rejects anything unnatural. So I packed two coolers full of fresh food before we left (that I refilled along the way from Whole Foods in major cities). Upon our arrival to Early Branch, SC, we were tired and an hour away from anything. So I cooked up another dinner using the ingredients I had left in the cooler: Fresh peaches, apricots, pesto and gluten free quinoa pasta (my mother has a gluten sensitivity). Why not make a fresh stone fruit pesto pasta!? Here is the recipe and it is delicious!

Get the recipe here: Early Branch Peach Apricot Pesto Pasta Recipe.

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