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Easy Frozen Cocktail Recipe: Melon and Vodka Ice Cubes Spritzer

Vodka, Melon and Mint Ice Cubes

Do you ever feel as if no matter how much you prep and plan you always run out of time before company comes over? Even though you've been cooking all week and planned everything perfectly you're still an hour behind schedule. The salad dressing isn’t made and the whipped cream is still just a tiny carton of heavy cream sitting on the top shelf of the fridge and your guests are already arriving. You wish you could tell them to wait outside for another 45 minutes while you finish cooking. Have no fear! This easy frozen cocktail recipe with melon and vodka ice cubes spritzer will keep your guests busy and refreshed.

Make your first guest the master mixologist and instruct them in the art of adding ice cubes to a glass and filling it with cold seltzer. You've just bought yourself another few minutes to put the finishing touches on the meal and perhaps a moment to powder your nose.

By freezing the main ingredients of melon, mint, simple syrup and vodka into ice cubes, you not only cut out the hassle of mixing individual drinks, but you also provide your guests with the joy of witnessing their alcoholic ice cubes melt into bubbling seltzer. I prefer honeydew to cantaloupe, but either melon is a delicious compliment to the mint in this easy cocktail recipe for the end of summer.

Remember that these ice cubes will not pop out like regular ice cubes. They will be sticky and might require a bit of help with a butter knife. Most standard ice cube trays make 16 1 oz. cubes and plan on using 2-3 cubes per cocktail. This recipe makes about 15 drinks using 2 ice cube trays but it’s easy to increase the quantity, simply double or triple the recipe.

You can make this frozen cocktail recipe days in advance of your next throw-down, all you need to do day-of is add seltzer.

recipe photo Melon and Vodka Spritzer

Frozen Melon and Vodka Spritzer Cocktail Recipe

Makes 32 1 oz. ice cubes

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From the Organic Authority Files


2 cups of chopped fresh honeydew or cantaloupe
1 cup water
½ cup sugar
¼ cup roughly chopped fresh mint
¾ cup vodka (choose organic vodka!)
1 liter of seltzer or club soda (chilled)


1. Heat the water and sugar in a small saucepan over medium heat. Cook for 2 minutes and then turn the heat down to a simmer and cook for another 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
2. Transfer the hot syrup to a glass bowl and chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
3. Pulse the melon and mint in a food processor or blender until finely pureed and add to the chilled syrup.
4. Add the vodka and pour the mixture into a spouted measuring cup or pitcher.
5. Fill 2 ice cube trays with the mixture and freeze for at least 8 hours.
6. Remove the ice cubes with a butter knife and add 2-3 to a small tumbler with 6 oz. of seltzer and serve immediately.

Ally Jane Grossan is a Brooklyn-based food blogger and editor. Her exotic but easy to follow recipes can be found at

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