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Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Cider


Gift-giving. Menu-planning. Traveling. And, of course, spending time with family: Actions associated with the December holiday season. As a result, "drinking" is often associated with it, as well.

We've already covered a plethora of organic wine and beer selections to keep you calm and comfy through your times of cheer. But, if your celebration lasts as long as twelve days or eight nights, you'll be itching to mix it up. Luckily, we've come across a new legion of organic beverages: hard cider. Below are five - count 'em - five types of organic hard ciders to accompany whatever merriment comes your way this season.

To your health!

Northern Natural Organic. Based in Michigan, these makers go above and beyond the traditional apple or pear cider flavors. In addition to blueberry and cherry varieties, the folks at Northern Natural have also come up with a wine-bottle-sized Iced Hard Cider, made with certified organic heirloom apples, which picked up the Tasters Guild International Silver Medal in 2009.

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From the Organic Authority Files

J.K.'s Scrumpy. Also made in Michigan, J.K.'s Scrumpy (an acronym for the name of founder Jim Koan) has been producing hard ciders since the 1860s. Its signature beverage, the Orchard Gate Gold Organic Hard Cider, is made with organic apples from the family's Almar Orchards. Act quickly, though: Orchard Gate Gold Organic Hard Cider is made in small amounts to uphold the Koan tradition of "quality over quantity."

Wolavers. ILOVERMONT? Then you'll love Wolaver's Organic Hard Cider. Straight out of Middlebury, this cider contains three cold, hard ingredients: Organic apples, vitamin C and water. "That's all!" explains its makers. Suddenly, staying warm through a Vermont winter doesn't seem so bad.

Aplenfire. Good news, celiac nation! You CAN enjoy a tasty adult cider this holiday season. Check out Aplenfire's Organic Ember Bittersweet Cider: "Organically certified, Sulfite & Gluten free." But it doesn't end there. Aplenfire produces at least three other organic ciders: Spark! Semi Sweet (also gluten free), Pirate's Plank "Bone Dry" Cider and Flame Methode Champenoise.

Finnriver. Doubly bubbly: Finnriver is the maker of four ciders with organic apples, blueberries and currants, three of which are of the sparkling variety. And what better way to celebrate the New Year? With these fizzy libations, you can ring in 2012 and kick off your resolution to consume more organic products.

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