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Organic Watermelon Bombe

This dessert is fantastic for a child's birthday party or a summer B-B-Q. I've seen kids eyes pop when you cut into this watermelon bombe and adults love it too. For the mold use a stainless steel 3 quart bowl.Serves 10-12



2 pints of homemade organic fresh chocolate mint ice cream or any store bought ice cream that is green such as green tea ice cream

1 pint homemade organic vanilla bean ice cream or store bought vanilla ice cream.

1 quart homemade watermelon sorbet or store bought watermelon sorbet.

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From the Organic Authority Files

6-8Newman's Own® Chocolate Wafers - or your favorite organic chocolate wafer


Chill a stainless steel mixing bowl, from a heavy duty mixer, in freezer for at least 20 minutes or until ready to use. Line a 3-quart stainless steel bowl with plastic wrap and chill in the freezer for 20 minutes.

Put organic chocolate mint ice cream in the chilled mixing bowl. Using a heavy duty mixer with the paddle attachment soften the ice cream on low speed for about 30 seconds until ice cream is spreadable. Remove lined stainless steel bowl from the freezer and spread softened ice cream around bowl, creating a 1/4" - 1/2" layer of ice cream throughout the bowl. Return lined bowl with ice cream to freezer and chill for 30-45 minutes. Clean mixing bowl and paddle attachment, and chill bowl again to prep for the next layer.

When everything is chilled, follow the above instructions with the vanilla bean ice cream. Coat the chocolate mint layer with about 1/4" of the organic vanilla bean ice cream. Return mold to freezer for 30 minutes. Clean mixing bowl and chill as well.

Break up chocolate wafers with your hands and set aside. These will be the seeds of the watermelon. Place watermelon sorbet in chilled mixing bowl and beat about 30 seconds or until softened. Fold in broken chocolate wafers with a rubber spatula. Line the vanilla bean ice cream layer with watermelon sorbet. Flatten bottom with rubber or offset spatula and freeze until ready.

When ready to serve, prepare a warm water bath and place mold in bath for about 15-30 seconds to loosen ice cream and turn out onto a plate, remove plastic wrap and serve.

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