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Raw Sweet Potato Soup Recipe: Light and Comforting

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sweet potato soup

The season has come for sweet potato. While it's difficult to tire from the myriad of unique dishes that include the root vegetable, there's simply always room for more exciting ways to include sweet potato into your diet without having the "same 'ol". This raw sweet potato soup recipe takes the cooking out of soup and presents you with a delicious, slightly-sweet, slightly-spicy meal, after which you'll be licking the bowl.

At first it may seem odd to consume sweet potato in its raw state, but once you down a spoonful of this raw sweet potato soup, you'll realize why raw sweet potato is indeed an undiscovered gem! Uncooked, sweet potato is less starchy and has a light, refreshing bite that isn't quite what you expect going into it - the flavor is well-rounded and appealing to the taste buds without that starchy overtone. When chewed well (or blended), it digests very easily and is thus a great addition to your plant-based diet. Raw sweet potato's enzymes and nutrients are not compromised because no cooking is involved and thus offer you optimal nutrition.

However, before you jump the gun - I wouldn't suggest biting into a sweet potato and eating it as such - where's the fun in that? Instead, I suggesting using raw sweet potato in soups, sauces and creams - it makes for a delicious, creamy base, even when uncooked! A high-speed blender is necessary for breaking the raw sweet potato down into a smooth puree.

This raw sweet potato soup is a great snack, appetizer or even breakfast!

Raw Sweet Potato Soup Recipe

Serves 2


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From the Organic Authority Files

1 medium sweet potato
1 pear
1/2 banana
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup almond milk
1/4 teaspoon pumpkin spice
3 dates, pitted
1 cup hot water
cayenne and fresh mint (optional)


Blend all in a high-speed blender until smooth. Season with cayenne (for a kick!) and fresh mint.

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