5 Deliciously Fun Ways to Serve Halloumi Cheese


I’m always shocked by how little halloumi is used in the American kitchen. It is a crave-worthy cheese with a warm but firm bite that always leaves you wanting more. Halloumi cheese also adds more to your plate than just an afterthought topping to a salad or side snack. In fact, halloumi pairs excellently with a diverse set of flavors and textures. Here are 5 fun ways to serve halloumi cheese.

Originally from Cyprus, halloumi cheese is a semi-hard, unripened brined cheese that is made from a mixutre of goat, sheep and sometimes cow milk. It has a high melting point so can be cooked in a variety of different ways and still hold its own. The following 5 suggestions on how to eat halloumi are just the beginning!

1. With watermelon

Watermelon may very well be the opposite of halloumi cheese, but when the two are paired together, their sweet and savory overtones and light and dense consistencies balance each other – a match made in heaven. Bring more to watermelon this spring and summer with grilled halloumi cheese. Check out these delicious halloumi and watermelon bites from The Curvy Carrot.

2. In a burger or sandwich

While American cheese is a burger mainstay, nothing adds more sophistication and class to a hefty sandwich quite like halloumi cheese does. In fact, it actually provides an extra layer of density that will further fill you up. If you are vegetarian, you can even nix the meat-based burger altogether and replace it with a slab of grilled halloumi cheese. These eggplant and halloumi burgers from Wash the Dog look finger-lickin’ delicious!

3. Wrapped in bacon

If you are looking for a quick appetizer for your next party or an easy appetizer, look no further than halloumi cheese wrapped in bacon. It’s as good as it sounds. BBC Good Food has got you covered, and all it takes is three ingredients.

4. Lightly fried

Move over mozzarella, halloumi is in town. The great thing about halloumi is that it holds its structure, even when enduring high heat. Because of this, the cheese can be fried. This panko halloumi sticks with caramelized oranges and mint recipe from Sita’s Simply Delicious blog is a higher-fashion version of regular cheese sticks.

5. On a pancake

But not just on any ol’ pancake. Halloumi cheese works wonders as an addition to a savory pancake, crepe or flat pizza. Amuse Your Bouche’s halloumi and pineapple pancake recipe is your next lunch waiting to happen.

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Photo Credit: Andrea Chiu