6 Kick-Ass Dip Recipes That Will Totally Make You Flip Your Chip

6 Unique Dip Recipes That Will Totally Make You Flip

Have you honed your dip game yet? No worries, we’ve got your covered with this diverse set of dip recipes that will satisfy everyone and anyone no matter what your snacking for.

cauliflower dip

1. Cauliflower Ranch Dip

For vegetables crudités, chicken wings, and a sneaky spoon, this cauliflower ranch dip is a healthier alternative to regular store-bought ranch dressing. It is based in cauliflower, almond milk, and spices, packing in true ranch dip flavors without all the artificial and fattening ingredients.

Autumn Seasonal Recipe: Vegan, Sugar-Free Sweet Potato Dip with Baked Maple-Cinnamon Apple Chips

2. Sweet Potato Dip with Baked Maple Cinnamon Apple Chips

Chips and dip just went rogue, culminating in this deliciously sweet potato dip with the texture of hummus (I see you, chickpeas!) and the fragrance of winter (Hello, orange zest and ginger!). With maple syrup-sweetened cinnamon apple chips as a vessel, you won’t be able to get enough of this unique, season-apropos dip! Better yet, it’s vegan and sugar-free!

3. Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

Your nerves are already on edge, but why not push them over? This roasted tomatillo salsa recipe is an earthier version of a chip dip classic and has just enough spice to entice your taste buds and keep you on your toes – a touchdown in my book.

4. Granny Smith Guacamole

Regular guacamole is cool and all, but why stop there? This Granny Smith apple guacamole adds a touch of seasonal sweetness to the mix and is just as addicting as the original.

5. Chia Muhammara

The Super Bowl is a decidedly American tradition, but being the melting pot that the USA is, its party appetizers crave some culture. This chia muhammara recipe is a Syrian classic that overlaps with the American, chia-obsessed conscience. The dip is full of dense flavor from walnuts, bread, and red pepper and tomato pastes. It is made even earthier with the addition of cumin, olive oil, and onion. Pair with sliced toasted pita bread.

6. Spinach Feta Cheese Dip

If there’s spinach in it, it has to be healthy right? Well, the yogurt and feta cheese surely dominate this dip recipe, but for good reason – it’s a garlicy, finger-lickin’ dive into paradise. Enjoy with vegetable crudités.

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