Spa-ify Your Water with These Infusions

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Step up your hostess-ability by welcoming your house guests with infused water, just like they serve at froufrou spas and hotels. The ingredients couldn’t be simpler: Whole spices, fresh fruit and pure water. The results couldn’t be more sophisticated and refreshing. Try it for yourself!

To make your own artisanal—how fancy—infused water, simply combine chopped fresh fruits, herbs and/or spices of your choice in a Mason jar or other large glass bottle of purified water. Allow the mixture to chill overnight for the flavors to combine. Then… there is no then. It’s as simple as that!

Here are some combinations we’ve been experimenting with lately. Let us know which ones you like best, or if you have your own fave flavor mixes.

(Green aroma tip: Strain any of these infusions into a spritzer bottle, and use as a cooling mist on your body!)

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