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Sparkling Melon Soup with Mint [Just 5 Ingredients]

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I remember the first time I had this soup, my husband and I were celebrating our one year anniversary at a fancy restaurant up in Napa Valley we could barely afford. We were served this soup as a palette cleanser on the house, and it was sooo delicious. I had to ask the waiter for the recipe. He came back and to my surprise, it was just two ingredients. Melon and sparkling wine. I was stunned. This is such a great example of the magic of real, seasonal ingredients.

In this version, I added some mint and a squeeze of lime, but you could even skip that.

The key to this recipe is not over blending the soup with the sparkling wine of choice. If you over do it, you will remove the bubbles, which is exactly what we want. In the end you should halve a light airy, frothy soup that your family and friends are going to love. 

Kitchen Tools

I'm a big believer in using the right kitchen tools for the right job. For this recipe I recommend a strong blender like a Vitamix. When cutting large melons you want a sharp knife, so it doesn't slip and you cut yourself. In this video I'm using Made In's Nakiri Knife. I like to have fun with kitchen serving tools and here I serve this soup in fun martini glasses.