4 Garden-Fresh Tomato Recipes for a Late Summer Meatless Monday

tomato recipes - tomato and zucchini galette

As fall approaches, we’re all on the lookout for ways to serve up the last of our garden-fresh tomatoes. Buy up your favorite heirlooms in bulk — or harvest your personal tomato garden — to try these delicious vegetarian tomato recipes for Meatless Monday. Tomatoes are the star of each of these dishes, making them the perfect ways to enjoy this summertime favorite before it hibernates for another year.

Start things off with this innovative dish from food blogger extraordinaire Tieghan of Half-Baked Harvest. This heirloom tomato and zucchini galette combines sweet and savory, with honey, fresh garden veggies, and two different kinds of cheese, all piled on top of a cornmeal crust. It’s a delicious dish that simply screams summer, but since it’s served warm, it’s particularly perfect for the end of summer, when shorter days get a bit cooler.

Image: Karissa Bowers

Image via Karissa Bowers

If you’d prefer to go a simpler route, summer’s answer to avocado toast is the perfect way to enjoy the fruits of your labor (or your favorite local farmers). Heirloom tomatoes need very little to become extraordinary: this recipe only calls for tomatoes, basil, baguette, olive oil, salt, and pepper. With so few ingredients, this recipe will only stand out if you use the very best. Top quality tomatoes, baguette, and olive oil, and a flaked sea salt will do the trick nicely.

tomato recipes - ratatouille pasta

Image via The Woks of Life

This dish breathes new life into ratatouille, that classic of Provençal cuisine and Disney Pixar fame. In this version of the dish, the eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, and onions are roasted together in the oven before being tossed with pasta. An extra boost of tomato flavor comes from both tomato paste and sun dried tomatoes. Seasoned with herbs and garlic, the result is an explosion of summer vegetable flavor.

Gazpacho recipe
Image by Kate Gavlick

Photo by Ally-Jane

Got yellow tomatoes to spare? This yellow tomato gazpacho offers a unique color for your end-of-summer Meatless Monday table. Yellow tomatoes and yellow pepper make for a milder gazpacho than you may be used to, but it’s no less delicious than a more traditional version of this soup. Consider serving the soup with croutons — gluten-free or otherwise — for a bit of crunch.

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Zucchini and tomato galette image via Half-Baked Harvest

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