4 Healthy Post-Holiday Vegetarian Recipes for Meatless Monday

vegetarian recipes - minestrone

After days of gorging on rich holiday food, some veggie-rich dishes can be a welcome respite. For Meatless Monday this week, we’ve kept our eyes open for healthy, vegetable-laden dishes that bring some much-needed nutrients and fiber to the table: things like warm veggie soup, citrusy root vegetables, and tons of greens. Of course, this healthy food is also filled with flavor and goodness, making each of these dishes perfect for Meatless Monday.

Minestrone is one of our favorite soups to enjoy in the winter. Filled with tomatoes and herbs, this warming soup offers a surprising amount of the bright flavors of summers past. This minestrone recipe features green beans, kidney beans, and just enough pasta to make the soup filling.

Vegan Chocolate Chili Recipe for the Win

Chili is another warming winter dish we love, especially when it’s as full of vegetables as this vegan chili. The cocoa powder in the dish adds richness to the base of bell pepper, sweet potato, corn, and kidney beans. A hearty dose of spice and just enough sweet maple syrup make this chili recipe one to remember.

vegetarian recipes - erbazzone

Erbazzone is an Italian dish from the Reggio Emilia region with a leafy green base. The suffix — one — of the name of the dish means “big” in Italian and is in reference to just how many greens go into this savory pie. A mix of Swiss chard and spinach is cooked down until it’s rich and dense for the filling. Seasoned with Parmesan cheese, spring onion, garlic, and good olive oil, it’s the perfect treat for any lover of dark green veg.

roasted carrots

These rich roasted carrots are a very special treat. Seasoned with a citrus and maple glaze and a cheesy vegan cashew sauce, this dish offers a tantalizing blend of zesty and rich, creamy and tender, sweet and tangy.

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