4 Sweet Potato Recipes to Make Your Meatless Monday Even Sweeter

mediterranean sweet potato recipes

Sweet potatoes are one of our favorite autumnal ingredients. Not only do they have the perfect orange hue to fit into the fall color palate, but their sweet flavor pairs well with so many of our other favorite ingredients this time of year — nuts, kale, squash, cranberries– you name it. Instead of always pulling out that time-honored sweet potato casserole dish, take a chance with some new, super unique sweet potato recipes for Meatless Monday. We promise you won’t regret it.

Sweet potatoes take on a Mediterranean flair in this baked sweet potato recipe. Jacket-style sweet potatoes are filled with roasted chickpeas seasoned with cumin, coriander, paprika, and a touch of cinnamon — evoking one of our favorite Thanksgiving pairings. A homemade garlic-herb sauce with the flavors of tahini and fresh, late-season tomatoes and parsley kick this dish up a notch (and make it super pretty).

Vegan Soup Recipe with Sweet Potatoes, Chickpeas, and Rosemary

Image via Karissa Bowers

What could be more wholesome and delicious on a cold fall evening than a warm bowl of soup? This hearty vegan soup unites sweet potato, tomatoes, and chickpeas in a richly flavored broth with rosemary and bay leaf. It’s a savory, moreish soup that’s easy to make and even easier to enjoy.

southwestern bowl sweet potato recipes

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This Southwest-influenced bowl has all sorts of yummy fall goodies in it. Roasted, spiced sweet potatoes, black beans, and pepitas sit atop a quinoa and kale base seasoned with lime juice. A sauce made with avocados and lime seasoned with a nice handful of cilantro and a punch of jalapeño spice rounds out the dish quite nicely.

Healthy Vegan Sweet Potato Nachos Recipe

Image via Karissa Bowers

Make nachos healthy by swapping out the regular corn chips for roasted sweet potato discs. Toppings for this vegan treat can include avocado, black beans, silken tofu, pickled jalapeños, and whatever fresh herbs and spices you like. Experiment with the base to include your favorite Mexican ingredients in this newly healthy dish.

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