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Organic Authority is the leading digital publication that’s redefining what it means to live a conscious healthy lifestyle in America today. We obsessively cover the latest trends and news in food, seasonal recipes, nutrition, wellness, natural beauty, and more. By presenting our readers with the latest news, how-to’s, and delicious recipes, along with recommendations for clean, consciously-raised, and sustainably-made products and brands, Organic Authority is a trusted voice in an increasingly confusing world of options.

Launched by husband and wife team Laura and John Klein, Organic Authority has been uncovering the truth behind America’s food supply and consumer products industries–pulling back the curtain on how America’s food is grown and processed. Today’s consumers are smart; they care about the food they eat, how it’s grown, how it’s processed. Their commitment goes beyond fresh. They want clean food, clean beauty, wellness, and home products. They want the truth.

Organic Authority has all the tips and expert advice you need for delicious good living.

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