Halloween Recipe with a Twist: Green Spinach ‘Witches Brew’ Breakfast Pudding

Halloween Recipe with a Twist: Spinach Green Witches Brew Breakfast Pudding

The Halloween season may make you cringe just imagining all the candy your children (or you) will inevitably consume. Luckily, these days, healthy foods are as inventive and holiday-apropos as ever, so why not bring some spook to your life in a more body-loving way? The following Halloween recipe for a witches brew breakfast pudding is reminiscent of a haggard old witch stirring a pot of gooey green goo bubbling over a fire. Take your Halloween recipe game to the next level with this fun, delicious, and healthy pudding!

Halloween recipes are often packed with sugar, dairy, and white flour, but those are the kind of treats that will leave with you a short-lived sugar high and then a groggy, sleepy low. Instead, fuel your cells with healthy fats from coconut milk, flax seeds, the sun-kissed chlorophyll from fresh spinach, and the natural sugars from banana, grapes, and maple syrup. The result is a figure-friendly breakfast with a twist – a spooky twist. Indulge in this Halloween recipe without having really indulged at all!

Feel free to add other nuts, seeds, and chopped dried fruits to the mix in order to create a more interesting flavor profile. You can swap the spinach with kale or other dark leafy greens as well. The more you add to the mix, the more unnerving (and delicious) it becomes for the kids to eat through the mix.

Halloween Recipe: Witches Brew Breakfast Pudding

Serves 2



Add all the ingredients, except for the grapes, into a food processor or high-powered blender. Blend until smooth. Stir in the grapes, but do not blend. Pour the mixture into low-rise bowls, making sure the grapes pop up at the surface, appearing as bubbles, or even eyeballs!

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