The Winter Detox Peppermint Green Juice Your Body is Craving

Winter Green Juice Recipe

Yasss, this detox green juice recipe incorporates seasonal ingredients that will nourish your cells and fight off the common cold all winter long.

Just because it’s chilly outside doesn’t mean you should stop your morning detox juice habit. Sure, it’s a cool beverage, but your body actually benefits from the raw, unpasteurized nutrition more than ever in the winter, when your immune system is more vulnerable to illness than in other seasons.

One of the most valuable pieces of health wisdom I try to live by is to drink my foods and chew my liquids. The statement essentially means to chew foods to the point that they’re broken down well enough that you can swallow them like a liquid and to take time with beverages by swishing them around in the mouth, or “chewing” them, before swallowing. Digestion starts in the mouth and swishing activates the release of digestive enzymes and makes assimilating the juice (or whatever your drinking) easier.

When it comes to green juice, which is chock-full of nutrients and valuable detoxification properties, “chewing” your liquids becomes even more vital. This tip is especially relevant in the winter, when it feels less natural to drink cold beverages. By swishing the juice around the mouth, you not only jump start digestion but also warm the juice up.

The following detox green juice recipe is winter appropriate because it is based in delicious seasonal ingredients. You can omit the apple if you want your green juice to be low glycemic. Enjoy it daily, all winter long, but be sure to rotate the greens component as advised in the recipe.

Winter Detox Green Juice Recipe

Serves 2-3



Push all of the ingredients through the chute of your juicer in the order that they are listed. Pour into tall glasses and sip slowly, swishing as you go!

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