Foodies Are Flocking to The Organic Coup… an Organic Fast-Food Joint

The Organic Coup is changing the fast food industry.

Every organic foodie’s dream just came true: an organic fast food restaurant opened in Pleasanton, Calif.

The Organic Coup, the country’s first USDA-certified organic fast food restaurant, opened on November 10. While organic ingredients and menu items are nothing new, The Organic Coup is unique because it exclusively sells organic meals. Erica Welton founded the restaurant. Welton plans to expand the restaurant to another location (San Francisco) soon.

Not surprisingly, Welton designed The Coup to serve the ever-growing number of diners who want to eat clean meals quickly. “People go to restaurants all the time and eat organic greens, and you see them put normal dressing on it, and it’s like, you just took those organic veggies and smothered them in chemicals and MSG and god knows what else,” Welton says.

Welton makes a great point. So many families, working people, and students are always pressed for time — they eat the best they can, but that doesn’t always cut it. And while we all would love to fix a large, healthy meal every night, that’s just not always an option, either. And you can bet that within a few years The Coup will pop up in other cities and college towns across the nation.

It’s also exciting to see how many other chains and budding restaurants copy Welton’s idea. If The Coup is a success, it could spark a change that could make the fast food industry better.

The restaurant is currently lauding the tastiness of its signature dish: an all-organic, fried chicken sandwich (pictured above). A Florida chef created the sandwich. It’s made with organic ingredients from California. It features an air-chilled chicken breast that’s fried in organic coconut oil. Organic, spicy shredded vegetables are served atop the breast. The sandwich is finished with a toasted organic artisan bun. The Coup’s signature dish can be ordered in sandwich, wrap, or salad form. Popcorn is served alongside. All of the restaurant’s drinks are organic, too.

While The Coup is only serving its signature dish right now, chicken-lovers can change up the dish with every visit by trying one of four organic sauces. Selections include Mustard Vin, Spicy BBQ Ranch, Sesame Ginger, and Ranch.

Right now, the restaurant is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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Image of chicken sandwich from The Organic Coup’s Facebook page