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Media Outreach the focus of Environmental Media Awards

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"The biggest weapon of mass destruction is our own ignorance…Why does the media continue to view the environmental movement as a niche market?...And finally why am I getting this award…all I've done so far is speak out, ask questions and walk the walk… there's so much more I want to do," said Hannah.

Many other environmentally-conscious celebrities participated in the event supporting the green cause arriving in Prius' including, Andy Dick ("Less than Perfect") modeling his hemp suit, Sara Silverman ("School of Rock"), Dana Delany, Rachel Hunter and Jason Schwartzman ("Bewitched".)

EMA president Debbie Levin kicked off the award ceremony. "Many of you drove here tonight in your hybrids. If the rest of the country would take their lead from our community, we would be independent of foreign oil," said Levin. "There's a shift happening…and the entertainment community is leading the way, role modeling this behavior for the rest of the world."

"We're rapidly moving into what will most likely be remembered as the 'Energy Age'… Our energy needs and the pollution that's bound up with it are moving at an escalating pace. We're poised to make another massive change and that change is in our energy sources…But boy are we going to have to scream to make that change happen…Ultimately, it's a matter of supply and demand," said Levin.

Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc. was recognized as the leader in vehicle hybrid technology, and then the environmental celebrities took over the night. Hannah was introduced by her comical friend, Jon Lovitz. Jeffrey Tambor, ("Arrested Development"). Woody Harrelson and Lovitz cracked environmentally laced jokes while introducing the nominees and announcing winners. The winners included, for feature film, "The Day After Tomorrow," for short documentary, "The Meatrix" a cartoon parody of the "Matrix." Fritz Coleman, weatherman for Los Angeles' KNBC 4, won the EMA Community Service Award for his work on the environmental campaign, "4 Our Planet", a hip school kid program launched in 2003.

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From the Organic Authority Files

The crowd went wild when Woody Harrelson introduced his old friend Willie Nelson as, "one of the truly great men I've ever known, a living legend and earth activist who deserves this award," said Harrelson.

In lieu of a thank you speech and to the joy of all present, Nelson sang three classic songs including "Crazy."

After the ceremony, guests were escorted to the ballroom to accept their gift bags. Beyond the ballroom, a beautifully lit courtyard awaited them with the evening's organic feast. Guests were surrounded by 12 of Los Angeles' top chefs from restaurants around the city like Table 8, Campanile, Border Grill, and Joe's with their tasty organic pleasures in tow. The dining was healthy yet sinful, the perfect holiday combination. Chef Govind Armstrong of Table 8 served Poached Lobster with Marinated Beans and Grilled Lemon with a Parmesan Crisp. Mark Peel of Campinille served Rillettes of Salmon and Pork with Cornichons, Pickled Onion and Whole Grain Mustard with Toasted Garlic Croutons. Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken of Border Grill and Ciudad dished up Rock Shrimp Tostadas with White Bean Puree. Real Food Dailys's Mexico inspired fare, by Ann Gentry, was a favorite and Whole Food Market's dessert, gingerbread drizzled with caramel was outstanding.

Guests bid on a green themed silent auction as they mingled and ate their way through the halls of the ballroom. The elaborate auction items included a London vacation on Virgin Atlantic Airways, a 7-night Danube Explorer Cruise from Viking River Cruises, a Don Henley Eagles Guitar, a Costa Rican Adventure, a Segway HT (human transporter) and a Red Mountain spa visit, just to name a few.

Later we caught up with many of the EMA chefs. These chefs literally represent the organic movement of Los Angeles and continue to push organic food into the mainstreatm through their cuisine. These interviews will be featured in upcoming www.Organic articles. We will focus on each chef's personal philosophy regarding organic food and their individual signature foods. In our first interview, we'll speak with chefs Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken of Border Grill and Ciudad. Their 30 year partnership in Los Angeles has produced many of the city's culinary treasures. Discover their organic sabbatical across three continents and back to LA in the next issue.

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