A Readymade Garden, Delivered to Your Door


Attorney Lisa Singer always wanted a family vegetable garden.


When she and her husband hired a professional gardener to create one, the results were disappointing: The plot was ugly, and rabbits devoured the veggie bounty long before the family could harvest it.

That’s when Singer launched Gardens To Gro, a San Diego-based company that sells prefabricated gardens that can be delivered to clients nationwide. As an advocate for locally grown organic produce, she appreciates the health and environmental benefits home gardens provide.

“Gardening contributes to a family's bottom line and promotes dietary safety,” Singer says. “It also helps families connect with the environment and get back to basics.

“In light of recent food recalls, more and more consumers are expressing concern about where their food originates and how carefully it has been processed,” she adds. “Gardening eliminates worries about origin since vegetables and fruits simply travel from backyard to table, instead of traveling 3,000 miles to top salads or sandwiches. A family garden not only lowers a family's grocery bill, but also decreases the amount of energy and environmental impact associated with bringing out-of-season fruits and veggies to the table."

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