Daughters Are Mothers, Too

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As an adult daughter becomes a parent and Mom takes on the role of grandmother, the mother-daughter bond often deepens.


One of the special ways mothers can express love and support is through a Mother’s Day card for their daughters, with a message like: “Day planner in hand, cell phone in your ear, meetings on your mind, home and family in your heart ... Daughter, you do it all so well.” Other cards depict modern moms sipping lattes and shopping, featuring messages that compliment their prowess at scheduling and balancing home and work life.

It’s a fact of life that parental relationships have their ups and downs. Many of today’s Mother’s Day cards even celebrate generational clashes, with messages like: “Mom, you taught me that you didn’t always have to understand me or agree with my decisions in order to love me.”

It’s the mother-daughter relationship that takes center stage on Mother’s Day. Daughters plan the special surprises, reflecting both the special bond and the younger generation’s acceptance of “holiday keeper,” as just one of the many roles they learned from Mom.

In addition to showing appreciation with cards and gifts, Mother’s Day can be a great time for relationship building. Mary Marcdante, a mother-daughter relationship expert, inspirational speaker and author of My Mother, My Friend, offers the following suggestions for mother-adult daughter activities, all of which will nurture your organic spirit year-round:

Spa Days: Moms and daughters can pamper themselves together, scheduling manicures, pedicures, facials and massages.

Send Gratitude Emails: Save the emails you’ve exchanged, place them in a decorative journal or binder, and present it as a unique birthday or Mother’s Day gift,

Schedule “Mom & Me Time”: Whether it’s attending a performance, a walk in the woods or a day trip, schedule quality time together.

Recipes for Smiles: Put together a collection of recipe cards, adding to each favorite dish memories of a time with Mom.

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