Eco-Conscious Cleaning: Concentrated Pear Dishwashing Liquid

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I love the scent of fresh pear, so I was delighted to find Earth Friendly Products’ Dishmate Pear Ultra Concentrated Dish Washing Liquid at my local Whole Food Market. It contains pure, 100% natural pear oil, as well as coconut oil-based surfactants and salt—a refreshing alternative to the usual artificial, noxious scents and ingredients in conventional cleaning products.


Dishmate Pear is a nontoxic, nonpolluting, 100% biodegradable cleaner. The concentrated formula can clean a staggering 1,900 dishes per bottle, according to the company, at a very competitive price. It packs a powerful punch, effectively cutting through grease and dried-on/baked-on foods.

“People are finally realizing that it is healthier and safer for their children, themselves and even their pets to use cleaning products that are free of petrochemicals and artificial ingredients, ” says Earth Friendly Products President John Vlahakis. “We take great pride in knowing that our customers are not trading off effectiveness, cost or other product attributes for leading a healthier lifestyle when they use our products.”

And yes, Madge, it safely softens hands while you do dishes.

You can find Dishmate Pear at your local natural and organic food store, or you can order online by clicking here.

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