Eco-Flower Market to Grow More Than 600% by 2012

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By Valentine’s Day 2012, the U.S. market for environmentally friendly roses and other flowers will exceed $100 million, predicts, the leading retailer of organic and certified sustainable flowers.


“We expect to ship 200,000 blooms next week for Valentine’s Day and more than 20 million stems of earth-friendly roses and flowers in 2007,” says founder and CEO Gerald Prolman. “We are racing to keep up with demand.”

Organic Bouquet, founded in 2001, offers flowers grown under certified sustainable farming practices, including organic and Veriflora—a new certification for the fresh-cut flower trade that verifies environmental practices, as well as the social and ecological aspects of growing flowers.

The company is selling one dozen Veriflora-certified Deluxe Red Roses for $64.95, plus tax and shipping. A second dozen can be added for $25.

“Americans are spending $230 billion each year on environmentally considerate purchases,” Prolman says. “Conscious consumerism isn’t a passing fad, but a serious consideration at all levels of the economy.”

Organic flowers are the fastest-growing sector of the non-food organic market, with sales increasing by 50% in 2005.

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