Flowers from Ben & Jerry's


I wish I had spotted this eco-cool gift item before I did my holiday shopping, but I plan to order at least a six-pack for spring birthday and thank-you gifts.


The Terra Fuela Sunflower Kit, priced at around $4.95, features seeds to grow “Big Smile” sunflowers, along with a pint of organic compost generated from waste at Ben & Jerry’s headquarters in Burlington, VT.

The all-in-one kit, which includes full instructions, is packaged in a special Ben & Jerry’s pint container that resembles the eco-conscious company’s familiar ice-cream offerings (including organic flavors).

Ben & Jerry’s works with Intervale Compost Products, also in Burlington, which has produced organic gardening helpers for more than 20 years. Each year, Intervale recycles 20,000 tons of waste for its compost products, which include potting soil, premium topsoil, tree & shrub mix, germinating mix and compost tea.

Click here for a list of garden centers, distributors and websites that offer Intervale products, including the colorful Sunflower Kit. Some Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops may also carry the kit.

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