Girlfriend Getaways


Even with a shaky economy, consider getting away from it all to nurture your organic spirit.

You don’t have to spend a gazillion dollars. How about a weekend away from work and personal responsibilities—a time to relax, laugh and bond with a few friends?

American women took around 32 million trips last year, many of which were girlfriend getaways. According to the American Automobile Association, these trips now represent 4% of all U.S. leisure travel spending ($200 million a year).

And what do deserving women do on these trips?

  • Dine out (86%)
  • Retail therapy (74%)
  • Spa visits (73%)
  • Hit the beach or pool (70%)

Planning a successful girlfriend getaway can be tricky, so here are some tips from Carlson Hotels Worldwide:

Talk about money. Everyone involved needs to be honest about how much she can comfortably afford to spend. The point of the trip is to be together; it doesn’t have to involve a swanky resort or exotic locale.

Share the legwork. Each woman should do some research on possible destinations. Find out about activities, accommodations, airfare and other potential costs. Meet at your favorite organic coffeehouse to discuss the details and pick a destination.

Appoint an Organizer. It’s best to have one person in charge of booking, handling the money and communicating with the group. But when it comes to planning itineraries, take turns. By sharing responsibilities for meal and activity planning, no one can dominate the group, and everyone has input.

Step outside your comfort zone. No group trip will thrill everyone 100% of the time. Be willing to go somewhere you’ve never been, try new types of food and participate in an activity you wouldn’t normally do.

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