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I’ve taken a break from Thanksgiving menu planning to begin my eco-friendly holiday gift list.

The first item is Global Green Pals, five international-themed dolls made from organic cotton and stuffed with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (i.e., PET bottles, usually used for soda and other beverages).

Each 12-inch, machine-washable doll wears clothing and accessories made from organic, natural and tested fibers, as well as low-impact dyes.

Both male and female Pals are available:

  1. Clean Air Kate wears a sweater, denim pants, a matching hat, hiking boots and a backpack. She’s a Chicago girl who rides a bike and plants trees with her family.
  2. Pink Coral Laurel is an Australian snorkeler who cares about marine life, coral reefs, climate change and global warming. She’s dressed in a pink swimsuit, matching swim shorts, flippers, mask and snorkel.
  3. Recycle Kyle is a Seattle skateboarder and dedicated recycler. He wears a T-shirt that sports a recycling symbol, shorts, sneakers and a recycling bag.
  4. Carbon Offset Chet is an English pilot who flies a solar-powered plane in his T-shirt, bomber jacket with hood, pants, red bandana and aviator goggles.
  5. Pani Rani is an Indian princess who helps conserve water. She wears a South Asian dress, sandals and hair bows, and she carries a fabric water bucket.

Each doll comes with an educational recycled-paper tag that explains his/her story. The company donates 1% of annual sales to One Percent for the Planet.

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