Going Green at the Emmy Awards

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FOX and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences have gone “Green with Emmy” by partnering to produce an eco-friendly 59th Primetime Emmy Awards broadcast.


This special campaign encompasses all Emmy events, with the sole purpose of reducing the carbon footprint the show has on the world’s climate.

But if you tune in at 8 p.m. Sunday, you may not see all of the sustainable initiatives implemented by the Television Academy. For all collateral items like invitations, tickets, posters, programs, press materials and office paper, for example, the Academy has selected recycled paper manufactured by Mohawk Paper Mills with 100% windpower—and almost entirely made from post-consumer waste. All items have been made carbon-neutral.

In making these choices, the Academy has saved the equivalent of 140 trees, 60,000 gallons of wastewater, 6,600 lbs. of solid waste and 13,000 lbs. of greenhouse gas emissions.

FOX, the Television Academy and the telecast producers have set ambitious green goals, including the use of recyclable materials and recycling whenever possible; using hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles for transportation; and replacing production golf carts with bicycles.

The goals also include reducing power requirements and utilizing alternative and eco-friendly energy sources, including solar power, for red-carpet arrivals, production and Emmy events. Plus, the production aims to use locally grown and/or organic foods for press and event guests, and it will incorporate green themes into the televised broadcast.

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