Happy New Year!


Happy 2007 from OrganicAuthority.com!


If nurturing your organic body and soul has made your list of New Year’s resolutions, then mark your calendar for 9 p.m. Thursday. That’s when “The Dan Ho Show” debuts on the Discovery Health Channel.

Author of Rescue from Domestic Perfection, Dan Ho’s life changed in February 1998. While working during the dinner service at his successful Chicago restaurant, he had a seizure, followed by an out-of-body experience.

The man who owned a large house, decorated with a vengeance and meticulously tended to his garden realized his life was not his own. Everything had been “perfectly” executed—the way it was “supposed to be”—down to the last platter and end table in his living room.

Ho realized his lifestyle and struggle to attain perfection were detrimental to his health. His culinary talents and impossible-to-achieve fitness regimen had backfired, leaving him obese.


Ho decided to simplify his life, paying close attention to his health and environment. Style and wellness, he decided, cannot exist independently.

“The Dan Ho Show” is designed to liberate viewers from the “deluge of lifestyle gurus who portray an impossible standard of so-called perfection, all at the expense of true, expressive style.” Ho’s suggestions will help you crawl out from under the rigid commandments imposed by cooking, entertaining, gardening, decorating, cleaning and grooming mavens.

Start the new year by playing the Dan Ho Game online.

Photo by Todd Plitt

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