Happy Valentine's Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day from OrganicAuthority.com!


If you’ve been following the blog over the last week, we’ve already planned your really red organic dinner with Valentine Salad, Maple Wasabi Glazed Salmon and Triple-Berry Granola Crisp.

Now it’s time to put the final touches on your card or letter. Here are some tips for expressing your love from the experts at Crane & Co.:

  • Small is beautiful. A few well-chosen words can be just as effective as an epic effort. In fact, leaving certain details to the imagination can make your note more intriguing.
  • Your handwriting, however hieroglyphic, should not hold you back. It’s more personal than any fancy font on your computer. And, says graphologist Barbara Harding, because you take your time with handwriting, the results are more thoughtful.
  • Write what you dream about. Go with what you know. Recall the first time you met or a recently shared experience that was particularly special. Be witty, romantic or passionate—but be yourself.
  • Borrow brilliance. If you’re stuck, incorporate a quote from your favorite author, song or movie—or, even better, one that you and your significant other have shared in the past.
  • Unplug your love. If you’re tempted to send an e-card, pause for a moment and consider what will have the greatest impact on your relationship. A handwritten card or letter is something to cherish. Create a memory that can be saved and savored for decades to come.

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