Has Your Pet Gone Organic?


In her recent blog entry, Organic Authority Publisher Laura Klein explains why she feeds her dogs organic food. She’s not alone: More Americans are concerned about creating healthy lifestyles for their pets. Interest in natural supplements, organic pet food and holistic veterinary care is on the rise, according to Eric Houtkooper and Leslie Hayes-Houtkooper, CEOs of Pup Life, an online retailer of healthy dog supplies. The company, in fact, is sponsoring Dog Health Awareness Month for the third consecutive year.


“Throughout the month of May, we will be featuring interesting and informative articles about creating healthy canine lifestyles, with industry leaders including Lucy Postins of The Honest Kitchen,” Eric says. “Ms. Postins will speak about the importance of a healthy diet and if switching to a dehydrated raw diet is right for your dog. We will also be talking with Cheryl Carter, agility expert and dog trainer at Candy's Canines. Cheryl has some great tips on exercise and fitness.”

Leslie is particularly concerned about an epidemic that’s affecting both pets and their humans: obesity.

“As guardians of our dogs’ health and happiness, we need to be aware of the dangers of obesity,” she says, emphasizing the importance of discussing weight management with your vet. “We are seeing an increase in liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes and structural complications like hip dysplasia in the canine population. These increases can all be linked to the rise in dog obesity. You can combat obesity—and complications from obesity—by incorporating simple things into your dog’s lifestyle, including increased exercise, feeding raw or dehydrated raw dog food, and even participating in dog sports like agility or obedience competition.”

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