Here Comes the Eco-Conscious Groom


Wedding season will soon be upon us, and the groom’s wardrobe is often overlooked. 

An eco-conscious groom needs to look polished, dressing to fit his wedding’s tone and scope. Most weddings are formal occasions, calling for a tuxedo or high-end suit, which can be made from sustainable hemp, organic cotton or organic wool. 

Generally, the tuxedo jacket is single-breasted, with three buttons and a satin trim—a style that’s universally flattering to most men’s frames. The classic wedding ensemble also includes a formal shirt, tie and vest.

Organic and Sustainable Options

To set themselves apart from the groomsmen and ushers, grooms tend to go with classic black and white, forgoing colors. On some occasions, grooms may choose to wear a white tuxedo. Conscious Clothing sells both black and white hemp suits

Boll Organic is known for its organic men’s dress shirts, as is Culturata. Rawganique specializes in organic hemp dress shirts, as well as organic hemp dress pants and organic hemp dress jackets and vests

You can often score bargains on bamboo tuxedo vests and ties on eBay. Ties (or bow ties) and vests can be completely black or can coordinate with the wedding party’s colors. For example, if bridesmaids are wearing butter-yellow gowns, the groomsmen can wear yellow accessories.

Casual Weddings

 The exception to a tuxedo or suit is the casual wedding, such as one held at the beach or in a park. Ecolution’s Organic Hemp Palermo Sport Coat may fit the occasion. 

At ultra-casual weddings, grooms have been known to wear eco-friendly shorts, shirts and sandals.

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