Holistic Industry Going to the Dogs


Elliott Harvey is on a mission to teach pet owners about the benefits of natural healing.


“After the pet-food industry scare, more and more people are seeking alternative methods of keeping their pets healthy and happy,” says Harvey, president of Great Life Performance Pet Products, a Carson City, NV-based manufacturer of organic and natural pet food. He’s also the author of The Healthy Wholistic Dog, with chapters on canine digestive problems, diabetes, ear problems, arthritis, allergies, immune system, stress/hyperactivity, and pests like fleas, ticks and worms.

“Natural healing methods for pets include everything from herbs, acupressure and homeopathy to gemmotherapy [herbal remedies], aromatherapy and massage therapy,” Harvey says.

“We've seen how important nutrition is—and these days, owners can find updated information on tainted pet food through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's website."


Recalled Pet Foods/Treats (Ongoing Peanut Butter/Salmonella Outbreak)
American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association
The American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture
The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy
International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork

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