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If you’re dedicated to organic living and conservation, look for the WaterSense logo when purchasing or replacing a toilet. NSF International, a nonprofit certification agency, is working with the Environmental Protection Agency to verify toilets’ water efficiency and performance.


The EPA launched the WaterSense program last year to highlight high-efficiency products and services designed to conserve water, one of our most precious natural resources. This voluntary labeling program is available to all companies that partner with the EPA and manufacture, sell or distribute household plumbing fixtures.

The certification process consists of product testing, which ensures high-efficiency toilets consume no more than 1.28 gallons per flush, while successfully meeting all required performance testing. According to the EPA, the average household could save enough water to supply a year’s worth of drinking water to 150 of its neighbors.

Certified products will be included on an EPA product registry and will bear the WaterSense label. Ongoing annual inspections will ensure continued compliance. A more detailed list of requirements can be found here (PDF file).

The WaterSense program is expected to extend to high-efficiency bathroom sink faucets in the future, with possible expansion to showerheads, irrigation control equipment and other commercial equipment.

Additional water conservation tips for consumers can be found on NSF’s website.

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