Most Dog-Owners Smooch Their Pooches on Valentine's Day

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Man’s best friend is joining spouses and significant others on Valentine’s Day.

According to a Purina survey of 1,000 dog owners:

  • 60% include their dogs in their celebrations
  • 66% show their love by showering their dogs with hugs and kisses
  • 56% give their dogs a special meal, plus a favorite treat for dessert

Be sure to buy organic pet food and treats so you know they’re untouched by pesticides, chemicals, hormones and preservatives. And if you’re thinking of adding a household pet, please go the “recycled” route and adopt one from a shelter or rescue organization.

“I couldn’t imagine life without my best friend: my golden retriever, Homer,” says actress Elisabeth Röhm of NBC’s Heroes. “I rescued Homer and nursed him back to health, and I feel like every day he repays me with his unconditional love and affection.”

Photos: Sheri Berliner/American Veterinary Medical Association; NBC


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