Organic Flowers for Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day is about two weeks away, so it’s time to get busy! Order your flowers from, the nation’s first online organic florist. The company is featuring three special bouquets, each of which includes a free glass vase:

  • Fragrant Garden Bouquet, a 20-stem arrangement that includes lovely lilies, pink spray roses, white asters, pink hypericum, gypsophillia and godetia.
  • Purple Mountain Bouquet, 20 of OrganicBouquet’s favorite purple blooms, including purple statice, Mardi Gras asters, agapanthus, trachelium and a touch of pink roses for a truly regal presentation.
  • Bountiful Tulips, a 20-stem bouquet grown in California under certified organic farming methods.

“The organic story is now broadening far beyond the health benefits of pesticide-free foods,” says CEO Gerald Prolman. “Organic farming, whether asparagus, strawberries, cotton or our own beautiful flowers, helps protect Mother Nature—it’s that simple.”

Organic flowers are grown without using synthetic chemicals or pesticides, and they thrive in living ecosystems. Beneficial insects like wasps eat predatory aphids, while natural fertilizers transform warm, humid greenhouse soil into a hotbed of radiant colors and floral hues.

Now, think about sweetening your Mother’s Day gift with some divine organic chocolates!

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