Organic Gardening: Ergonomic Tools

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When Oprah Winfrey recommends specific products, they tend to become bestsellers.


In the current issue of O Magazine, Winfrey has singled out a specific line of hand gardening tools, calling them the “Brightest Tools in the Shed.”

The Natural Radius Grip Gardening Tool Set ($49.99) includes a trowel, bulb trowel, weeder and cultivator. Each tool has an advanced ergonomic design to reduce hand and wrist stress. Aluminum/magnesium blades are ultra-light, and the neon-green handles offer a comfortable grip.

The trowel’s, bulb trowel’s and weeder’s back-blade wings help you pull weeds more effectively, while the cultivator’s uniquely shaped tines facilitate deeper soil penetration.

Radius tools have received endorsements from the National Home Gardening Club, hand therapists and garden editors.

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