Organic Pet Care: Tiny Cuts & Small Scratches

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That’s a picture of my “niece,” Shayna, right after a home spa experience (translation: bath—a term that’s far too pedestrian for her).


We’re an unapologetically anthropomorphic family, so Shayna has been given a voice that family members use to speak for her, and she has a penchant for fine cuisine: free-range chicken breast, organic carrots and her personal favorite, penne with tomato vodka sauce (a demi-portion enjoyed in moderation, of course).

Yesterday, Shayna, like Superman, attempted to scale a tall building (actually, a window seat) and miscalculated her trajectory (unlike Superman). She smacked her head against the bench and fell backward, landing on her side. Luckily, she emerged only slightly dazed (was it the vodka sauce?) and skulked toward her “mom” for consolation. More than anything, I think she was embarrassed. She made a 100% recovery as soon as she smelled peanut butter.

Our pets are members of our family, and they, too, can benefit from organic living solutions. If your SuperDog gets into trouble and requires basic first aid, follow this simple tip from newspaper columnist Heloise, author of Get Organized with Heloise:For small scratches, turn to organic lavender oil, which has healing properties. Add three drops to one quart of warm water. Then wash the wound with a clean cloth after you’ve removed any dirt, grass or other impurities.

I know Shayna would appreciate this treatment’s aromatherapeutic qualities. Just another day at the spa for her!

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