Organic Pet Remedies

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Newspaper columnist and author Heloise has been dubbed “the world’s best-known housekeeper” by People magazine. Her daily column runs in more than 400 U.S. and international newspapers, and she has published 11 books, including the recently released Get Organized with Heloise.


For readers dedicated to organic living, Heloise offers the following natural health tips for dogs.

Natural Flea Control

Lavender essential oil is considered a safe, effective way to eliminate fleas. Using a dog brush as a guide, cut a piece of fabric larger than the “head” of the brush. Dab several drops of lavender oil on the cloth, and spread the oil around. Put the fabric over the brush head, and press it into the bristles. Brush over your dog’s coat, rinsing the brush in clear water, if necessary.

Freshen Dog Beds

Add three drops of lavender essential oil to one quart of warm water in a plastic spray bottle. Spritz your pet’s sleeping area and freshen pet bedding.

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